Anonymous Girl In Salon

Anonymous Girl In Salon, 2015,
Dioko project
mixed-media sound sculpture, detailed view
12"x 9"x 6"

My current project, Dioko , (Wolof, meaning connections), bring focus to Harlem's Little Senegale while exploring its cultural connections to the African-American community.

Elvira Clayton was born in Lafayette, Louisiana and grew up in Houston, Texas. She began her work as a performance artist in theater and has expanded to include visual art genres. Her work explores ancestral lineage, identity, and place; examining how these concepts are shaped by social and political history.

Since relocating to Harlem, New York City, in 2006, much of Clayton’s work has focused on community-based, socially engaging projects.

Blending mixed-media;including oral history, photography, collage and mobile installations, her compositions illuminate stories of everyday people.